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ZLV, (pronounced zelvy) warranty differs depending on product. Please refer to the details on each product page.

Under no circumstances should you tamper with, or have someone else tamper, adjust, modify our products in any way whilst under warranty. THIS MAY VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

NO QUESTIONS ASKED replacement for damaged MAX GOAT wheels is subject to reasonable limitation. Should you continue to break the same component (rim etc). You may be asked to pay a premium at our discretion. We offer this policy under the understanding that the products will be setup and used correctly. If it is deemed to be abused, poorly setup, then we reserve the right to charge this premium (up to 50% wheel cost depending). PLEASE NOTE, we stand by our products, this is not a policy we expect to ever use, but it must be said. 

In most cases, except where we agree at our discretion, freight costs are to be paid by the customer.

Damage Policy

Where applicable, the damage replacement cost is 30% discount taken off the RRP (not sale price if applicable) and is subject to additional freight and labor costs. 

We are humans too!

Unfortunately, it seems to be a problem the entire world is facing. Cyberspace is rife with bullying and abuse. From Social Media to online only shopping. Here is our take on it. At ZLV-IND we consider our customers as "mates". As such, we treat our customers with respect, compassion, and like to have the occasional joke around too. We are genuinely interested in your stoke level for your new ZLV-IND kit! Send us pics! However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we tolerate any form of abuse. If you are the kind of "hot head" guy or girl, that seems to think that behavior is ok, please purchase somewhere else. It is not your "right" as a customer to think you can abuse our staff. We employ real people.  Your smart-arse or abusive or threatening comment has actual emotional consequences. Please keep that in mind. We reserve the right to discontinue any conversation and support should you wish to behave in an abusive way to any of our staff.  Cycling is mostly a great community of awesome people, and we aim to keep it that way.


*** In no event shall ZLV-IND or its owners or subsidiaries be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products. You ride your bike, you understand the risks. Please read the manual on the website for your product carefully before use***


If you purchase any products from ZLV-IND and are not happy with what you receive, please return them in as new, undamaged condition, for a full refund. Freight costs are to be paid by you.


 Pre Orders:

We may use pre orders to help fund the first run batch of a new product. By "crowd funding" a new product at a discounted price we generate funds to cover our minimum order costs. We will offer an ETA, which by definition is "ESTIMATED Time of arrival". By committing to a pre order please understand that you are not eligible for a refund should the production time extend for any reason. This is not fair on us, and more importantly, not fair on the others who have also committed to the pre order. Should we not get the required crowd funding within the time frame listed on the particular product, we will cancel the pre order and refund all committed orders. Should you receive the product and not be satisfied, you may still return it for a full refund.